In February we moved from California to Canada after one startup project failed (as so many do), and another one beckoned. It was very fortunate timing to say the least, despite the ill timing of seasons. The startup here has been years in the making, and already demonstrating its superior team cohesion, vision, and execution. It’s all very exciting, especially having had the privilege to observe it’s growth from the ground up, but a break from business, and the city would be so fucking loooovely [long sigh].

I have a lot of “wants” and “ideas” or “projects” I’d like to accomplish but focus and self motivation are not my strong suits. I need to figure it out, and what is most important to me; the desire for friends/local friendly acquaintance, the idea’s that need to be put to paper, or the projects that need execution. There isn’t anything stopping me from having or doing all three, but my own self imposed limitations. I also spend way too much time in my head and not enough in the present with people, which I’m sure contributes to the longing I feel for friendship. It might be more accurate to say I desire a tribe, despite my independent nature.

tl;dr- I need to get my shit together, preferably some place tropical.

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